We take on client projects to fund preparation

In absence of institutional backing, we are developing the concept with limited resources and take on client projects to fund the preparation at this stage.

While the concept gradually finds resonance with a growing number of professionals that share our vision and passion, we realize the insight we have distilled from the preparation process can add much value to incumbents as well, for the new concept is designed to capture new growth as well as to address some of the most critical challenges faced by banks at present time. In searching of assignments, we focus only on client projects where Standard Tael partners have extensive experiences and are able to add value for our clients.

For Dutch Banks

Growth and Sustainability are the key themes we focus on.

We believe that growth will re-emerge as a key focus for Dutch banks once the crisis has normalized. More importantly, we are convinced that growth will only be sustainable if it fulfills the purpose of servicing clients, communities and societies. While deleveraging and optimization will remain high on the priority list of all banks for the period to come, those who succeed in charting a renewed path to growth, and developing a more robust funding model and improved access to permanent capital, will likely emerge stronger and healthier.

Translating our vision into examples of projects:

1 Develop growth strategies and respective change programs that are not only consistent with market/client expectations, but also consistent with Balance Sheet and Risk priorities.

2 Develop Governance and Processes to reconnect the engine room with the cockpit: The connecting mechanism linking ALM, Risks, Products, and Businesses is not always optimal at large banks. Current crisis and the changing regulatory requirements put pressure on banks to re-align and re-calibrate this connecting mechanism, in order to address the structural challenges faced by banks.

3 Update Performance Management: In order to re-align and re-calibrate the above mentioned connecting mechanism, a continuous “consistency review” mechanism needs to be in place to check on the link between Balance Sheet, Risk and Business, in short, KPI’s used by Businesses should reflect the Balance Sheet and Risk priorities.

For Asian banks

T his period of post-crisis realignment in the global banking industry is an age of opportunity for the internationally ambitious Asian banks that are able to match their unique capabilities with market opportunities.

We aim to help such Asian banks identify market opportunities, assess risk-adjusted attractiveness of such opportunities and consequently formulate a growth strategy and develop respective business models to capture growth in the Netherlands and other European markets.

What's in a name

What does "Standard Tael" mean? The best interpetation is "oprecht geld" or "fair money".

Standard Tael has derived its name from a Chinese unit of weight that, when applied to silver and gold, was long used as a unit of currency. The English word tael comes through Portuguese from the Malay word tahil, meaning "weight". In China and across Asia, there were many different weighting standards of tael depending on the region or type of trade. In general the silver tael weighed around 40 grams.

Traditional Chinese silver sycees and other currencies of fine metals were not denominated or made by a central mint and their value was determined by their weight in taels. They were made by individual silversmiths for local exchange, and as such the shape and amount of extra detail on each ingot were highly variable; square and oval shapes were common but "boat", flower, tortoise and others are known. The local tael also took precedence over any central measure.

In Hong Kong the tael is a legal weight measure, and is still in active use. One tael is defined as 1 1⁄3 ounce and is approximated as 38 grams.


Jiazhong Wangfounded Standard Tael after a 10-year career at ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands. At ABN AMRO, Jiazhong held various positions in the Bank’s Wholesale and Retail client units and was involved in some of ABN AMRO’s most critical acquisition projects. Prior to joining ABN AMRO Bank, Jiazhong worked as Managing Director at Tulip Computers Asia in China. Jiazhong studied process engineering in China and holds an MSc in Management Sciences and an MBA from Nyenrode University.

Janhein van Jooleninvests in and coaches start-ups with a vision that resonates with him. Janhein had a 30-year career at ABNAMRO Bank till 2006, held various senior management positions at ABN AMRO’s Wholesale Banking and Investment Banking units, and had played a critical role in setting up and developing a Talent and Leadership Development system. Janhein holds a Masters in Business Economics from Groningen University.

Rob Reichgeltis a turn-around professional and an informal investor who has extensive experience in various industries. Between 2004 and 2009 Rob was the EMEA CFO at Ashland, a FORTUNE 500 chemical company listed on NYSE. Prior to that, Rob worked as Business Controller at Eastman Chemical in the US where he was responsible for the Adhesive Coatings and Eastman’s European businesses. Rob is a CPA and holds a BSc in Management (HTS Rijswijk) and an MBA (Stellenbosch).

Kalun Tsehas been Professor of Finance at CEIBS since 1995. He was previously Associate Dean and Member of the Academic Council of CEIBS. Dr. Tse received his MSc in Management Science and his PhD in Financial Economics from Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and an Honorary Fellow at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Joost Rutten founded Standard Tael with Jiazhong in 2010. Joost has a background in Corporate & Investment Banking and Private Equity. Joost started his career at ABN AMRO Bank, where he worked in the European Leveraged Finance Team. In 2008, he joined the Secondary Investments Team of AlpInvest Partners. After leaving AlpInvest, Joost became the CFO of a private equity backed start-up in the US. Joost holds an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology and a CFA charter.

Standard Tael aims to engage those who share our vision and are willing to contribute, invest, or collaborate with us to further develop and realize the concept.


Standard Tael is working on a new banking concept.

We are not engaged in any form of actual bank activities or bank-like activities at this stage.

Last update 30th September 2013

Background Standard Tael

Standard Tael Corporate & Capital Advisor, a private limited liability company registered in the Netherlands, was founded in September 2010. Standard Tael sets its ambition to build a platform to facilitate capital flow between the East and the West. At its core is a new banking concept for a Europe-based direct bank, servicing among others the growing Asian communities in the developed economies. Standard Tael is working on the concept with the Netherlands as the assumed launching market.